Robert Nozick's View On The Libertarian Principle Of Justice

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Robert Nozick’s view on the libertarian principle of justice states that it is unjust to force rich people to pay extra taxes for the poor because it takes away from their liberty. In other words, he disagrees with John Rawls’ view of redistributing wealth because the wealthy do not voluntarily give their money to ones in need in this principle. Instead, money from the wealthy is involuntarily taken to give to the poor in the difference principle. However, Nozick does not think that giving to the poor is always bad. To clarify, he thinks that giving to the poor is perfectly just as long as it is voluntary. Nozick believes that a person must work for what they want. While Rawls’ theory claims that each person deserves adequate housing no matter if the person is rich or poor, Nozick thinks that only the people who can afford decent housing should deserve it. Contrary to Rawls, Nozick believes that if you earned something fairly, it is yours to keep. Nevertheless, if someone possesses something by stealing or cheating, he thinks that it is unjust and should be returned. Rawls differs from this view because he thinks it is acceptable to take what the rich have earned. Additionally, Nozick thinks that …show more content…
They feel that a society would become significantly better if everyone was working hard. They also agree with Nozick because they assume that people will be more willing to work if they know they will be able to keep every penny of what they earn. Additionally, they admire Nozick’s libertarian principle of justice because they still have the opportunity to give to the poor. People that support his theory often suppose that some people do not work because they end up getting more money from the government for doing nothing than they get from working. This, in reality, rewards people for not

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