Essay about Lgbtq Inequality Throughout American History

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LGBTQ Inequality in America

People inequality has been present throughout American history. One of the biggest issues nowadays besides women and racial inequality is lesbian, gay, bisexual, Trans, and queer (LGBTQ) inequality.
Here are some facts. Some states do not even recognise queers or others in the spectrum. Also the first World Pride occurred only half a year ago. Gay marriage is allowed in forty out of fifty states. Suicide rates are highest among LGBT n America.
So, is true equality guaranteed to all Americans by Constitution? Clearly not to everyone in America, especially the LGBTQ. Firstly, LGBTQ people have been harshly treated by the heterosexual cisgenders, also known as the “normal” people. Secondly, people have been taught wrongly about LGBTQ. Finally, LGBTQ people are being treated like this because of non-acceptance. Inequality is still high, especially for LGBTQ. Therefore America does not have true equality guaranteed to all people by the Constitution.
Firstly, the thing an LGBTQ person faces on a daily basis is a lot of mistreatment. Homosexuals face abuse, gay slurs, homophobia and ignorance. Transgenders face even worse treatments. Both gays and Trans people live in fear throughout life.
LGBTQ get bullied a lot in school. Students would give them a hard time in school. LGBTQ kids deal with abuse and cyber bullying. But not only students cause LGBTQ students difficulty. In some very strict Christian schools and boarding schools, gays are…

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