Essay Lgbt Media And The Lgbt Community

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It’s only been in recent years that the LGBT community has gotten decent positive representation in media. LGBT is a topic that can bring stigma, which can lead to misunderstanding and glamorization. Despite this LGBT content in media is slowly pressing forward to creating more realistic content representations that LGBT individual can identify with. Along with gaining the courage to create awareness and acceptance.

Starting out the subject of LGBT was considered taboo. This being a fact not just applying to the United States. This is still subject to both public and media sanctioned scorn within countries like China, Egypt, Uganda, and Russia and until recently Portugal. Countries like these are governed under strict “familial” and religious values. Most with a ban on homosexuality. This includes the Chinese ban that lasted all the way to 1997. Despite there no longer being any legal ramifications to being gay, it is considered a form of shame on one’s family. This is considered a big sin in Chinese culture. Uganda, Russia, and Egypt have legal bans against homosexuality. Portugal itself had intrinsic levels of violence and bias towards LGBT dating back to 1912 to up to 1974. People could wind up being imprisoned or experience straight up torture. After decriminalization, it still faced heavy backlash in the media. Moving closer to the modern era, even in the United States there is still stigma. Despite it not being quite as bad as the other countries…

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