Essay on Letter From Birmingham Jail, By Martin Luther King Jr.

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The Dakota Access pipeline is a pipeline that is being built to transfer crude oil fro North Dakota to Illinois. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe, whose reservation is directly affected by the pipeline in North and South Dakota, has been opposed to it since 2014, when they learned about the plans. The pipeline is designed to go under the Missouri River, which is the primary source of drinking water for the Sioux, who argue that not only does this put their water in danger and further contribute to man-inflicted climate change, but is also in sacred burial ground. There have been protests and legal actions taken to slow and stop the construction of the pipeline. In his “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” Martin Luther King Jr. defends similar non-violent campaigns and protests. From his arguments in “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” it is possible to imagine that, if he were alive today, Martin Luther King Jr. would have been in support of the Standing Rock pipeline protests. Martin Luther King Jr. would support the negotiation and nonviolent direct action taking place to attempt to block the Dakota Access Pipeline project. However, he might also say that there should be more education on how to ensure that the protest stays nonviolent through self-purification workshops. It is clear that King supports nonviolent protests. He describes it as a productive release of frustration, saying of the protestor’s feelings of being oppressed, “this normal and health discontent can be channeled…

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