Letter For My Client 's Confidentiality Essay

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For my client’s confidentiality, throughout the rest of this paper I will be using the false name of Carol to protect her identity. Carol is currently a full-time female student at York University. As I am also a full-time student at York university, when it came time to ask if she would volunteer as my client for this project, Carol’s academic appreciation and understanding personality made the interview very comfortable. Carol’s problem was between her and her best friend whom she feels are growing distant. She explained that she has known this friend since high-school but lately does not feel that her friend has time for her due to their busy schedules, her friend’s boyfriend and her own academic responsibilities.
My plan of action was to use every non-verbal invitational skill I could throughout the interview in the hopes that my body language would do most of the talking for me. I’ve always been conscious of my non-verbal skills when communicating with others so things like good open body position, appropriate spacing and voice tone were easy for me to emulate. However, I recall struggling to maintain eye contact with Carol because every couple of minutes I would look down to ensure the tape recorder was in fact recording or check my watch to track how much time had elapsed and determine what counselling skills I should be using next. Add on catching myself not smiling or head-nodding every so often and I’m sure Carol noticed that I was distracted and probably…

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