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“Let Every Nation Know” Worksheet

1. Had JFK not gotten into politics, he would have continued a career in journalism (pg. 5). In 1945, he was hired to cover the UN conference in San Francisco by the Chicago Herald-American. A school friend even said his temperament was better suited for writing (pg4). After his plane exploded over the English Chanel, JFK was devastated. Symbols changed from a blue star to gold so everyone will know there was a loss. To help with his grief, JFK wrote a memorial book called “As We Remember Joe”; it was later privately published.

2. JFK had entered the campaign “too late” in today’s political sphere, but in the 1960’s it was simple late but doable. His
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JFK wanted for us to work together on all fronts from science to politics. He believed that the U.S. was not a leader in progress in the region of Latin and South America, as well as not being a force for justice. He believed social change could be triggered by Alliance for Progress. JFK believed it was “an example of helping people ‘break the bonds of mass misery’” (pg. 92). (pg. 89-92)

7. The media did turn a blind eye to some of the things JFK did (pg. 105). The media did find JFK a “good copy”; he and his family did receive “favorable publicity.” JFK had weekly televised press conferences, which he equated to FDR’s fireside chats, which helped him garner a 91% approval rating by the respondents. There were many that see the media as being pro-Kennedy (pg 106). JFK saw it differently; he didn’t think the press was supportive of him at all (pg. 107). The media was blamed for the failing of the Bay of Pigs due to over-coverage of the ordeal. As a result, JFK campaigned against this “over-jurnalization” of national security issues and asked for self-censorship during the times of war against communism. The press was not happy about this request at all. JFK was ridiculed and condemned over this “crude attempt to impose self-censorship” (pg. 110). Media coverage has definitely changed especially over the past 20 years. Over time, the media has become more and more liberal. As a result, their coverage of presidents has become more and more polarized. By this I

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