Lessons Learned From Headline Grabbing Service Failures Essays

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We’ve all been on the receiving end of poor customer service. Long wait times, annoying IVRs, unforgiving return policies, and lack of channel options can all be maddening. And inevitably these frustrations spill over to the frontline employees. Customer service is more complex and more stressful than ever, and ICMI research indicates that things are only getting more complicated.
What can customer service leaders do to alleviate the stress, and improve the customer experience? In life, some of the greatest insight comes from the biggest failures. Customer service is no exception. Want to find ways to increase customer loyalty and reduce churn? Look no further than some of the most infamous customer service fails in recent history.
Here are five lessons learned from headline-grabbing service failures:

1. Sometimes customers are wrong. Make it easier for them to be right.
“The customer is always right.” It’s a quote that business professionals have recited for years, but is the customer always right? Or is the customer sometimes to blame for poor service?
Remember the customer who was kicked out of the Maine diner last summer? Her child was being disruptive, so the owner asked them to leave. Who was right? Plenty of people actually sided with the owner.
And remember this controversial Huffington Post article from 2013?
Honestly, the customer isn’t always right. But it’s our job to treat them like they are. And even more importantly, it’s our job to make it easier for them…

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