Les Orangers The Orange Trees Analysis

Tooba Malik
Les Orangers
ART 01, Art Appreciation
24 October 2017

Les Orangers The Orange Trees a painting by French impressionist Gustave Caillebotte is part of a collection donated to the museum Of fine arts, Houston. The picture portrays a daytime scene; this canvas was painted in Yerres in 1878. The person sitting in the shade of the orange trees with his back towards the viewer is Caillebotte sibling Martial and standing at one of the garden planters is his cousin Zoé, you can see them each enjoying the afternoon, the bright sunlight illuminates the flower bed at the edge of which a puppy appears to be resting.
The work of art by Caillebotte utilizes a corner to corner line moving from the lower left half of the canvas as one perspectives it to the upper right side, making a genuinely geometric shape that is in any case natural in its stream (a component made conceivable by the winding way that travels through the garden,
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The collection included 66 important works by almost all of the major Impressionist painters discussed elsewhere at this web site.
Unfortunately, only 40 paintings were accepted by the French authorities; the remaining 28 paintings remained in private hands and most were ultimately purchased by Albert C. Barnes, and are now held by the Barnes Foundation of Philadelphia.

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