Leonardo Da Vinci And Leonardo Da Vinci: The World Of Art

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The world of arts is a vast myriad of artist and their pieces trying to leave a lasting mark on the world. Of these artist there are a select few that leave that lasting mark and it is these elite that help define what art is. There are two legendary icons of art that mastered what it meant to be a great artist, each in their own way. Leonardo da Vinci and Andy Warhol are legendary in the art world and their masterpieces are one of a kind; however, when comparing the two the renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci is vastly superior when mastering an art collection. The tools used to create masterpieces are numerous, there uses are tailored to the individual and their state of mind. When creating some of his most notable pieces of art, Andy …show more content…
Because of his prowess and advertising Andy Warhol exploded on the art scene unlike anything that had been seen before, he was revered by the outcast that he found himself calling friends and coworkers this group coming to be known as the Factory crowd. His notability came not only from his art it also came from a magazine, Martha Stone stated "Warhol and the Factory crowd collaborated on a publication that would later coalesce into Interview magazine"(Stone). With these great assets Warhol became a name recognized in almost every art exhibit accost the world, it brought a sense of wonderment what was to come next from the factory and its many artist especially Warhol. Unfortunately for Warhol, Leonardo da Vinci was highly involved in defining a historic era in time, the renaissance. Da Vinci 's work was like no other at the time, his innovations were countless, "his painting was revolutionary because of his introduction of the chiaroscuro (light and shade) technique and new ways of composition"(Dominiczak). The innovative ways in which Leonardo painted are just some of the many factors that lead to his great notability, one of the factors that raised his status was his time spent in the highly turbulent court of Sforza. Moreover than just his time in court he was a scientist at a time when others were too preoccupied with the mundane. The fields that Leonardo studded could range from botany, mathematics, engineering but first and foremost it was Anatomy. Dominicazak writes "he was an almost obsessive observer of the human figure". Andy Warhol had major influence on the art world but that is where he falls short compared to Leonardo da Vinci, Da Vinci let his work expand and evolve to encompass not only conventional art but new ways of understanding the world it 's

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