Leonardo Da Vinci: A Brief Biography

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Leonardo da Vinci was born April 15, 1452 in Anchiano, Italy and he died May 2, 1519 in Clos Luce, Amboise, France. He was 67 when he passed away. Leonardo was buried at Chapel of Saint-Huburt, in Amboise, France. Leonardo da Vinci name translates into Leonard from the town of Vinci. Leonardo was raised by his parents Caterina da Vinci & Piero Fruosino di Antonio da Vinci he was born to unmarried parents. His dad was a prominent notary, he was a public official that certified legal documents of Florence. His mother wasn’t really in his childhood. When he was fifteen his father a trainer for the new generation of practitioners of a skilled young lady. Her name is Andrea del Verrocchio she was leading the artist of Florence, she was a known …show more content…
He was considered as a Renaissance man, Leonardo was curious, intelligent & talented. Many people thought he was the smartest man to ever live with all the inventions he created, he basically was. If Leonardo didn’t follow his dream, then we wouldn’t have a lot of his inventions that we have & use today. We wouldn’t have the interest to jump out of a plane if he didn’t make the parachute. If he didn’t create the double hull, then boats in the ocean would be leaning to one side. He also created the anemometer, it tells us what the wind speed is & it would be measured. He also created the lightweight armored military war vehicle, if we didn’t have that we wouldn’t have innovated his invention. We would have a car for war, but it wouldn’t be that intense of a build.
I chose Leonardo da Vinci, because I learned about him in my found tech class and she talked about how he was an inventor. We didn’t go over what he invented but we learned about the da Vinci method and I was really interested in what he built & what he had painted. I knew that he painted the Mona Lisa, but I wanted to see what other painting he did. I used to like art and seeing all the different colors used to create a piece of artwork. Knowing what inventions people made was interesting because if it wasn’t for them getting up and exploring then we would not have the stuff that we have

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