Leonardo Da Vinci And Andy Warhol Essay

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The world of arts is a vast myriad of artist and their pieces trying to leave a lasting mark on the world. Of these artist there are a select few that leave that lasting mark and it is these elite that help define what art is. There are two legendary icons of art that mastered what it meant to be a great artist, each in their own way. Leonardo da Vinci and Andy Warhol are legendary in the art world and their masterpieces are one of a kind; however, when comparing the two the renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci is vastly superior when mastering an art collection. The tools used to create masterpieces are numerous, there uses are tailored to the individual and their state of mind. When creating some of his most notable pieces of art, Andy Warhol used a silk screening printer to create images unlike anything else at the time, also using other media like film and music to convey his art in multiple forums. However Leonardo da Vinci 's Master values of the basic tools they had at the time where is legendary. The tools Leonardo da Vinci had to use to make some of his most masterful pieces of art or basic and rudimentary often being handmade and no two are ever alike. His masterful use of these rudimentary tools making legendary pieces of art is cemented by the fact that one of his teachers giving up the art because of his skills at such a young age, his teacher Verrocchio had him paint angles in his panting of the baptism of Christ and "He painted a face so divine that…

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