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Public Administration

Question: According to max Weber, legal rational authority is the most rational type of authority. Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer.

The aim of essay is to discuss legal rational authority commonly known as bureacracy. It high lights why legal rational authority is the best way of authority for any professional run organization. The essay also highlights some of the problems of legal rational authority and the solutions that can make it more flexible in communication and decision making

Legal rational authority according to Webber was the most rational and most stable of authority.
Formal rules and regulations legitimize this authority. People obey orders
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For instance what makes decision making or even change to be slow in an organization is the size of the structure.
If the structure is flattened such that the levels between top and bottom management is reduced then the communication and decision making problems would be reduced or even eliminated


The figures above show different layers of management in an organizational structure. Figure 1 shows organization with a lot of management layers while figure 2 shows a flattened structure with fewer layers

Running a professional organization cannot be done in an informal way, unless in groups informal such as political parties were the running and decision making of such a group is substantially influenced by a lot of people who will need to be pleased. Informal running of an organization would mean any official in an organization can make decisions without consulting from a superior. Would that be rational?

Furthermore running an organization to be informally would promote abuse of office, abuse of organizational resources and possibly corruption because of personal greed. The possibility of an official to unfairly compensate himself compared to others would also be high.
Every organization can be described as a structure of activities having goals and objectives to be met. To maximize efficiency and productivity

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