Legal Punishment Should Be Legal Essay

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Taylor Marie Hobson
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December 12, 2016
Legal Punishment
Legal punishment is all arounds us, however the one well known form of legal punishment that is associated with human individuals whether through personal experience, or hearing something on TV, is imprisonment. Legal punishment can be specifically marked as a punishment that follows a specific legal rule, punishments such as the going to prison, corporate punishment, and ultimately the death penalty. Legal punishment, especially the death penalty is important and should be fully supported and actively used to ensure safety, justice and to deter possible crimes in the future.
When it comes to legal punishment there two main arguments that can be brought about, the deterrence argument and the retributivist argument. The deterrence argument argues that legal punishment is justified if the punishment deters crime or a specific crime. According to the National Institute of justice deterrence is “the crime prevention effects of the threat of punishment” (“Five Things about Deterrence”). The threat being prison or even death. In a perfect situation of this deterrence argument actually working, individuals would avoid committing crimes such as murder in fear of the consequence of legal punishment like imprisonment or death which although may not work on some individuals, works on others. There are some issues with whether it can be proven as a deterrent, according to the National Institute of Justice,…

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