Essay on Legal Principles Of The Rule Of Law

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The rule of law is a legal concept that has dated back thousands of years to the earliest written records in human civilization. The rule of law establishes that no one can be above the law. The rule of is seen as the supreme law which everyone under that sovereignty has obligation to follow. The rule of law brings order to society. A properly functioning judicial system and police force can provide stability and prosperity in the government is serves. Constitutional reform and the establishment of new legal entities to deal with justice issues in the post-conflict phase are thus important components to a peacebuilding effort. Ultimately, some argue reconciliation depends in part on the restoration of the rule of law. In the absence of the rule of law comes conflict and the possibility of anarchy. Rule of law is seen as a way to govern effectively and peacefully. Two critical problems arose when clearly defining and enacting the rule of law one which was the idea of legal obligation. Legal obligation can be thought of in many ways. Every legal system contains law which require some form of legal obligation. The term “obligation” can be seen a duty to something. Let me explain in two examples of how obligation can be fundamentally understood in different aspects. Take the Canadian Criminal Code for example. They impose an obligation not to advocate genocide. People who do not follow this obligation are possibly liable to prison sentence not exceeding five years. The English…

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