Essay Legal & Ethical Environment of Business

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Legal & Ethical Environment of Business
DATE: 2/4/2013 Week 1 Assignment

Follow the link below, read the article and analyze the practice of “dumping” dangerous drugs overseas. Can an American company be penalized for marketing a product deemed unsafe by the U.S., if it is not also banned by the foreign government? This passage is mainly talk about hot Winthrop and Crter-wallace companies "dumping" dangerous drugs overseas. From the legal point of view. First, in the United States side, FDA officials maintain strict controls over
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For example, The industry group conceded that 168 advertisements broke the rules by failing to include basic information doctors need to evaluate a drug, such as its side effects. But Mansfield said the response was so slow that often the improper advertising had already stopped appearing, the damage done. This is the so-called on the measures under the policy. But from a moral and ethical point of view, this is inappropriate. "No business is not evil." This sentence is absolutely applicable to these companies. These companies use the weakness of lacking technology, human resources, professional detection and other weaknesses in undeveloped, dumping these drugs. In order to maximize their own interests, They disregard the consequences of drugs taken by patients. The drugs they sell are very dangers, Winthrop company only warn on the label about the side effects. But what will be the side effects that isn't made clearly. And Carter-wallace company even didn't mention any side effects. Until several death and other complications had happened many times after, the spokesman came to explain. They did not apologize, but claimed that there are no problems with their own drug. These drugs need to be withdrawn. they explained that not because of drugs, but such oral drugs has been out of date. And in order to not lose

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