Legacy of William Carey Essay

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September 2007

‘The legacy of William Carey” by Vishall and Ruth Mangalwadi is one of the must read titles for any mission minded Christian of the twenty first century. William Carey’s mission field was in India and being an Indian place the authors in the best position to collate the achievements and the challenges faced by the 17th Century missionary from an insider perspective.
This book tells us who actually William Carey was. According to the authors, Carey was a man of humble origin. His father Edmond encouraged him to be educated. At the age of 12 years, he had to abandon all formal education
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It was this backward and Godless society where infanticide, widowhood, widow burning, child marriage and other barbaric culture prevailed that William Carey dedicated his life and love to. William Carey considered this battle against the social evils as spiritual battle that he must fight to win. He did not only fight against the ills of the society, he also educated the local in modern science, astronomy, development of vernacular language for the people, introduced printing, Christian theology, botany, and engineering etcetera. The biblical command of Mat 28 ‘Go into all the world and preach the good news’ is all that Carey needed for his passion for God’s work to be fired in him. Many of his colleagues did not quite believe or agree with him on the need to go to India, but as far as Carey was concerned, ‘What God could do for the once barbaric Briton and the once heathen Europe, He was able to accomplish anywhere’. As a Christian missionary and botanist, he believed in the biblical view that nature is declared ‘good’ by the creator. Carey introduced daisy and the linear gardening, His love for plants and animals is second to none among his contemporaries. There is little wonder that a variety of eucalyptus found only in India was named after him ‘Careya Herbacea’.
William Carey’s problems in India were great but the greatest of his problem was the opposition to his policies from the British Parliament and others who did not have the

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