Learning Theories of Personalities Essay

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Learning Theories of Personalities Kristie Tripaldi, Tandy Noonan, Charlie Fritz, Jodie Bowes, and Velinda Chandler PSY/405 March 5, 2012 Angela Snelling Learning Theories of Personalities As individual’s study human behavior, he or she notices that there several theories with plenty of philosophers and psychologists to give his or her own personal observations. However, there are several limitations and strengths of learning theories. The three main theorist of the social learning theory are Albert Bandura, B.F. Skinner, and Julian Rotter. Each of these theorists describes how learning theories affect an individual’s personality. Bandura and …show more content…
Cognitive social learning is the theory that a person’s expectations of future events are prime determinants of performance (Feist & Feist, 2012). This is important because it is predicting behaviors instead of developing new ones. Julian Rotter suggested that each person is responsible for his or her behaviors and that the environment has nothing to do with learning new behaviors. Limitation of Leaning Theories Behavioral analysis does not allow room for other perspectives and is different from other theories. Many criticize behaviorism for disregarding activities of the mind. There is also a concern of whether a person’s behavior changes because of operant conditioning, or of the person are pretending merely to reap the rewards (DePaul University, 2001-2012). Many criticize the social cognitive theory because it is so broad and lacks unifying principles. Humans are so dynamic; it is difficult to implement certain concepts. Another limitation is that it ignores the biological differences and hormones that led to disparities in behavior. The theory also fails to mention or research the thoughts and behaviors of individuals who are mentally ill (Flamand, n.d.). As for the cognitive social learning theory, there is a question of if arbitrated reinforcements are consistent enough to change behavior. Social

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