Learning Theories Of Learning And Nursing Education Essay

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Cognitive Learning and Nursing Education Learning theories in general are the main guide for educational systems, planning in the classroom and clinical training when it comes to nursing education. While, behaviorists generally ignore the internal dynamics of learning, cognitive learning theorists stress the importance of what goes on inside the learner. Theories of learning are the framework of the structure and principles that pay attention to the description and explanation of the people 's learning. Cognitive theory is assumed to be comprised of a number of sub theories and is widely used in education and counseling. The key to learning and changing is the individual’s cognition which includes the individual’s thought, memory, perception and the ways in which they process and structure information. Learning theories have great usability and not just in education, but also in psychology counseling, which provide the needed infrastructure. It is recommended to use learning theories, single or separated or a combination in the health professions including the nursing profession.
Health professions also need to show the regular use of theories and clear reasoning in educational activities, interactions with patients and clients, management, employee training, continuing education and health promotion programs, especially in the current health care structure. According to MA Hajbaghery and M Salsali most countries, including Iran, nurses are responsible for the design,…

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