Personal Narrative: My Way Of Learning

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Over the years I learned everyone learns differently. Theirs not only one way of learning. Some people learn faster than others. Learning is an amazing thing , and people should understand the different styles of learning. When I was younger I never had to wash my own clothes , because my mom always did all the cleaning for me. I always thought she would be doing this for the rest of my life there’s no need for me to learn how to wash clothes. The day I turned fifthten is when my mom told me and showed me I had a responsibility that I should now know and take on from her. It was time for me to learn how to wash my own clothes. At first I was really scared and worried that I would mess up. I thought the soap will overflow out of the washing …show more content…
My mom showed me how much detergent I needed to put in the cap of the detergent if the load of clothes was big or small. I caught on to the instructions and seeing her do it faster than I thought. After seeing my mom demonstrate , it was my time to actual complete the task of washing my own clothes. I never thought that I would be able to wash my own clothes and it to be so easy because it looked very hard. When I did it on my own it was successful and I felt proud of myself. I learned seeing things get done first visual was very helpful for me and hands on
Staying organized used to be the hardest things for me to do, I would have everything out of place and everywhere. I would hold on to things that no longer needed to be held on to that was just taking up space. Trying to be organized was getting out of control and I needed help. I decided to google ways to become organized and it didn’t get me far. I would read articles that google provided but realized it was no help. I came up with another idea and decided to go talk to my advisor at school about my organization issue. I reached out to my advisor because I seen how organized she was and I wanted to be
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She showed me her list of realistic things in order that she wanted to get done and told me to also do the same. My advisor told me to only make six bullet points because I don’t want to over whelmed myself see a big list and not get the things I need to get done finished. She told me to put a time frame on completion on the tasks , which is two to three days , and as I cross off the list add another idea added to my list. The list would get shorter and before I know It my list would be completed, and be able to start a new list. I thought I couldn’t do it so I put a hold on it and me trying to be organized started to get worse. I decided to finally try and I wrote down my six ideas. Sooner than later my first idea was crossed off the list. It felt really good and I felt like I was really accomplishing my list, I never thought wiring stuff down could help with being organized but it does. I learned seeing things visual is always better than keeping thoughts bottled up in your head.. Another learning experience I have gone through is saving money. Saving wasn’t as important to me as it is now , I used to always struggle with having money. One day I started looking at the bigger picture about saving money. I started thinking , I was telling

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