Essay on Learning About Hinduism Is The Tambura

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The object I chose which I believe would be beneficial to children when learning about Hinduism is the Tambura. It is a South Indian instrument that has been around since the Vedic period. The reason why I believe it is a valuable and informative item for children, is because of how historically and religiously symbolic music and by extension instruments is to Hinduism and the Indian culture.

In Hinduism, Music, both vocal and instrumental, is considered to be of divine origin. Various Indian deities have been associated with specific instruments and they or their attributes can be seen in paintings decorating the instruments (Weissman,1955). This is exemplified in the Tambura I saw at the Victoria and Albert Museum. A painting of Narada can be seen at the front of it, this is significant as Narada- a Hindu sage also known as the “Chief of Heavenly Music”, is recognised for his creation of the Veena, a variant of the Tambura and for the creation of the musical Hindu prayer chant (Tambura,2015). Narada played a prominent role in the Ramayana, which explains the presence of many painted characters and deities such as Hanuman, Rama and Sita on the Tambura as well. However that isn 't the only reason they would be there. Historically Hindu instruments such as the Veena and Tambura have paintings of important religious events (Weissman,1995). Most Tamburas have pictures of the Rama and Sita story because of Narada and also because of the fact that it was played during the…

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