Learning A New Behavior Is Strictly Rooted Through Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning And Observational Learning

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1) I do believe that learning a new behavior are strictly rooted through classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and observational learning and not paired with one another. The way I have interpreted this course is that when a behavior is learned and is measurable in some way, it can be broken down into a fundamental learning process. The argument that I would make is that if there were to be more than one behavior change apparent after an incident, whether it be natural causes, deliberate reinforcement or punishment that they can be categorized by a single fundamental of learning. It is relatively easy to distinguish where the learning took place, assuming you have adequate information or observation of the event. Though some of these behaviors may be learned at the same relative time, more than one learning process could happen at the same time. An example of this would be my father’s parenting style. My dad was very strict and was very violent so physically scolding us was not foreign to him. So, when I would do something wrong, he would apply positive punishment by giving me a spanking to decrease the behavior that warranted the spanking. At the same time, classical conditioning would occur and say that the punishment created the fear of my dad or his punishment so every time I got in trouble, I would get scared and cry, emphasizing it being an involuntary action. The neutral stimulus would be my father’s belt, the unconditioned stimulus would be his spanking he…

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