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Leadership on the other hand does not need to be in position to act or deliver. In that logic any sound individual can lead a group, a team, an association or a movement. However good leadership creates power, motivation and development and does not need to show too much power to get things done, rather leadership shows compassion and draws support.
When there is the ability to do something the specific way that you want it done, one can conclude there is power. Power is the capacity, ability and willingness to act. Though it is significant for a person to have certain amount of power, Lord Acton is of the view that having excessive power can corrupt absolutely. For power to occur, the individual must hold certain position like
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This implies that a leader is someone who motivates and inspires other people to be their best by setting a tempo or pace for the rest of the group to follow. A good leadership example is Dr. Martin Luther King Junior who led the civil rights movement for the minority discrimination, because of his good leadership of creating a bond of trust and inspiration in the black liberation process. A Manager on the other hand exerts and maintains control over people by assisting them to bring out the best in the achievement of an organizational goal. A good example can be said of Steve Jobs as a primary founder of apple international company though he was separated from the company afterwards. Another important difference is that a leader creates or innovates whereas the manager administers. This means that a leader is someone who comes up with new ideas, strategies, tactics and move the rest of the group or the organization into a forward thinking phase but a manager maintains what has been institutionalized and actualized and established already by apportioning targets to people to perform, appraising and interpreting performance to the ultimate benefit of an organization. Thus managers usually follow strictly the traditional methods, directives and processes set up by their organization without thinking outside the …show more content…
Also, I would love to be an educator. My aim in the future is to formulate, propose, initiate, teach and implement policies to effect a change in the lives of people be it in any sphere that I find myself. To achieve this goal I have attained many past experiences ranging from the public and the private sector jobs which will help me in my endeavor so far as managing human resources and people and administration are concerned. Also to achieve this I am currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration. This programme will help me broaden my horizon and enlighten my level of appreciation of issues so far as policy issues, managing people and resources and organizations are concerned. I have joined the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA). This will enable me get exposed to the rudiments and networks of public administrators. I have also been preparing myself for this vision to fruition by currently working as a part time as purchasing agent for my church and a middle school. I believe these action plans are necessary commitments to bring my vision to reality after the completion of my master’s

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