Leadership Theories in Organizations Essay

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Leadership Theories and Styles
IAAP 2009 Administrative Professionals Week Event April 28, 2009

Development of Leadership Theory Development of Leadership Theory
• Until approximately 1930, there was not much academic interest in the area of leadership academic interest in the area of leadership • Fredrick Taylor –Scientific Management (time/motion Fredrick Taylor Scientific Management (time/motion studies of productivity) (late 1800’s) • Max Weber –(writing on bureaucracy) a leader possessed power by virtue of his position (1922) • Mary Parker Follett – participatory management in power with as opposed to power over (1926) “power with” as opposed to “power over” (1926)

Luther Gulick Notes on Organization ‐‐ 1937
• Work
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Leaders propose new paradigms when old ones lose their effectiveness.

Leadership is a major way in which people change the minds of others and move minds of others and move organizations forward to accomplish identified goals.

Theories of Leadership Theories of Leadership
Over time, a number of theories of leadership have , p been proposed, including: • Great Man Theory • Trait Theory • B h i l Th i Behavioral Theories
– The Managerial Grid – Theory X and Theory Y Theory X and Theory Y

• Participative Leadership
– Lewin’s leadership styles

Theories of Leadership (con t) Theories of Leadership (con't)
• Situational Leadership Situational Leadership • C i Contingency Theory h • Transactional Leadership • Transformational Leadership

Theories of Leadership: Trait Theories of Leadership: Trait
• Trait Theory/Great Man (Woman) – assumes the a t eo y/G eat a ( o a ) assu es t e leader is different from the average person in terms of personality traits such as intelligence, perseverance, and ambition d b • Assumptions
– People are born with inherited traits. –S Some traits are particularly suited to leadership. t it ti l l it d t l d hi – People who make good leaders have the right (or sufficient) combination of traits. sufficient) combination of traits.

Trait Theory Trait Theory
• Early research on

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