Nursing Leadership Skills: A Case Study

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Leadership Paper To be a great leader you would have to have all the qualities that highlights great communication skills, a positive sense of direction, a willingness to listen, and a successful and progressive team environment. A great leader influences a group to work cohesively to reach an established goal. Any person will find themselves making leadership decisions with the various career paths they may have chosen. In the business world, a Certified Financial Planner may assist and lead their clients by providing a course of action with their financial decisions. A nurse manager may provide a sense of transformational leadership by being very encouraging and uplifting to other nurses when they are feeling unhappy with a mistake they …show more content…
Some examples explained that we as leaders must have a goal, build a strong team, have a beneficial persuasive approach, and effective networking skills (Huber 2014). Throughout the interview, I learned from this leader about the importance of having excellent communication skills. If there is no effective communication present, the workplace may become chaotic. In translation into nursing, communication is vital because it aids in prevention of negative outcomes: medication errors, disharmony in nurse and patient relationship, and even patient harm (Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). Communication among nurses gives them a chance to step back and assess the situation to see what adjustments need to be implemented to provide the best care for each patient. It is given that effective communication is vital for patient care to ensure safety. Braff, Manias, & Riley (2011) inferred that the lack of communication hinders patient care which puts them at risk for harm. She has taught me about the importance of building a strong team when you are in a leadership role. This may compare to a nurse manager on a unit who works with their subordinate to develop a clear vision for the goal of each day. The nurse managers make certain that all the tasks are appropriately implemented by their staff so they may grow collectively as a team. There are various similarities, as well as a couple differences, when being a leader as director in a college housing department or a nurse leader on a floor. Both parts are similar in which they have a willingness to foster cooperation within their team by listening and guiding others. Both two roles offer a leading hand to a colleagues that are needing of assistance. There are limitations that are set when being a leader when it comes down to professional boundaries when relating to staff

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