Essay on Leadership Styles of Mitt Romney V. Barack Obama

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When comparing and contrasting the leadership styles of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, it is important to note the differences in leadership/management and communication styles. Looking to each leader in the context of their organization we know that Mitt Romney was the running Presidential candidate for the Republican Party and Barack Obama was the Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party that went on to win the Presidency for two terms. In this paper I will discuss the differences in each leaders communication style and how it affects their organizations, how it determines the differences between managers and leaders, how they use verbal/nonverbal communication styles to influence their followers and others around them, and what …show more content…
The Communication Process of “Communication is Complex” involves shared interpretations and understandings of the sender. An example of this is Romney’s verbal and non-verbal communication style in The Third Presidential Debate. Romney smiled with both rows of teeth, which seemed submissive according to the Huffington Post, whereas Obama smiled with a closed mouth, which built more rapport that made him look more “important” than Romney. This also links to the article “What Makes a Leader” and describes the importance of social skills and building rapport to: “get them to cooperate and to move them in a direction you desire.” (Goleman, p. 2) Building these social skills and rapport like Obama effectively did during the Third Presentational Debate is critical and put him at an advantage, simply based on his nonverbal communication skills. This proves how critical they are if used or not used effectively.
There are two terms that often get used interchangeably, managers and leaders. In the textbook and in the article, What Leaders Really Do, it describes managers as focusing on more of the organizational aspects of the business like planning and budgeting, organizing and staffing, and controlling activities and solving problems and receiving those physical/tangible benefits. This concept relates to the discussion I presented above about the communication styles of Mitt Romney versus Barack Obama. While Romney is explicitly more moral and

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