Law Enforcement And Police Enforcement Essay

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Police-community relations are complex and regularly fluctuating inter-actions amongst representatives of law enforcement and police agencies, in addition to a variety of executive organizations and the community they serve. Some of the complications that cause variation in the relationship consist of issues of race relations, fear of police, violence, and corruption. Law enforcement are faced daily with the quandary of upholding a role that requires them to be able to sufficiently preserve the stability of legal authority that has been established to them by individuals within their society, their sworn obligation to protect the rights of individuals, and as well as, contribute to the safety of the citizens. Members of law enforcement are regarded as an exemplification of authority that is established through our government. This pronounced authority grants police and other members of law enforcement, the power to stop, question, detain, apprehend and even result to the use of deadly force - if the situation renders it necessary. While sustaining all of this, members of law enforcement must be receptive to the aspirations required by individuals in our society and must properly execute intricate tasks while upholding reverence for legal and constitutional safeties. At times, members of law enforcement are sought upon to implement ostracized laws, while maintaining an effort to hold onto the support of the public. In which methods law enforcement officers poise these…

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