Law And The Interest That It Holds On People Essay

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Law and the Interest that it Holds on People Being able to study the law has always been an interest of mine because there are so many different directions that it can take. People defending a certain law can win but so can a person that is trying to change a tradition, and thus can change the whole way the system works and is looked at by U.S citizens and that includes the rest of the world. I like knowing that the U.S has the power to make laws in our own country and cause and effect somewhere else, which can benefit people from those places as to gain more rights than what they had before. Many of the cases that have been discussed in class, I had at one point hear or read about them. However, I had not been able to go into much detail about them and see the difference that they caused for people in the country, as well as in the rest of the world. I am interested in learning law because I want to become a lawyer when I am older, and eventually as well as hopefully become a judge later on in my career. I also find it fascinating how a law can always change depending on the situation and how a lawyer, or even “regular” individual, are able to defend their case using a unique perspective. I think it is also interesting the amount of importance that we as people place on the law. As well as how many things are decided based on a text that says so little and causes a variety of interpretations. Some of the cases that I find interesting are the Lorena Bobbitt…

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