The Importance Of Ethics And Ethics In Counseling

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Professionalism, Ethics and Law Initial Apprehensions
When I realized that I would be taking a course focusing on ethics and legal issues in counseling, I must admit that I was a bit intimidated. Weeks before the course started, I mentioned to my husband that I may need his encouragement and help since he is an attorney. The only prior knowledge that I had on law and ethics was through overhearing my husband talk about legal issues and ethics related to current events that we see on the nightly news. My husband enjoys debating with his friends about recent events through the context of law and ethics, while I always felt these types of conversations were irrelevant to me. Interpreting law in certain contexts, as well as navigating
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The article discusses important issues such as ethics and other questions that have arisen through the use of technology over the past years. The article first helps the reader to understand how important communication, both verbal and nonverbal, is in the helping professions, and particularly school counseling. It is common for counselors to use computers to communicate through “cyber” mediums, such as the internet, school-wide databases, email and such. Naturally, there is an increasing concern about how new technology is transforming the school counseling work, whether to its betterment or …show more content…
Ethical standards must be reviewed and updated more often as our technological world advances at an increasing rate (Wilczenski, 2006). According to Wilczenski (2006), there are many risks “such as hacking, harassment, defamation, revelation of confidential information, academic fraud, and infringement of intellectual property rights (Gearhart, 2001)”. Therefore, the American Counseling Association’s (ACA, 2014) has made sure to include overarching principles in the code of ethics that address issues such as informed consent, confidentiality, and competence which are relevant to using technology in counseling education and

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