Law And Bias : An Area Of Grey Among Black And White Essay

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Law and Bias: An Area of Grey Among Black and White
In an ideal world, justice would be black and white, right or wrong, when in this stark reality it is an immensely grey subject. When someone has broken the law it isn 't just a hop, skip, and jump to jail, but instead it is a complex process which can become a minefield for a lawyer, creating an arena in which the lawyer has to navigate the dangerous terrain in order to gain a positive outcome for his client, or at the very least, a less negative one. How does he navigate or diffuse this minefield? Through the use of rhetorical analysis of the events and judgement of the audience surveying the trial.
In court, first impressions are a big deal despite the courtroom mandate to be neutral in its decisions. Because we are human, we are subjected to small inconveniences such as subconscious prejudice. Subconscious prejudice is best described as meeting someone for the first time and immediately liking or not liking them. The reasons for this feeling are not really clear or even necessarily conscious. Have you ever met someone, and despite them having the best of manners, the greatest smile you 've ever seen, or a hearty laugh that shook the room, you couldn 't bring yourself to like them? That 's your brain picking up on microexpressions or body language (two entirely seperate things mind you), something that can be used to determine if someone is masking their true intentions, or trying to deceive you, or is being perfectly…

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