Ethics Case Study: Ethical Dilemmas

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Ethics as described by most scholars defines a field of philosophy that prescribes what is right or wrong in a given societal setting. It is mostly concerned with personal conviction on what is wrong or is acceptable by a society. Ethics therefore derives most of the principles from the law of morality. The role of ethics is therefore to sensitize, defend and promote the concept of right and wrong behavior in the society. In the conduct of normal business, there exists situations that are complex and requires critical thinking, this are situations of ethical dilemma.
In the case of Susan Whitehead and the city planning commission, there are various ethical dilemma that exists. The ethical dilemmas evident in this case include:
 Susan is in
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The models to be employed in this case include; The Wall-street journal model which advocates for considering compliance (Are you violating any law?), contribution (employees, customers and family) and consequence (effects to the environment) of the action. Laura Nash and Perspective Model stipulates for the following considerations: Would the actor have a different view if they were on the opposite side, can the decision be discussed with family and colleagues, what are you trying to accomplish and will you be feeling comfortable after …show more content…
According to the Laura Nash and perspective model the best decision would be to expose the information. This is because the benefits out way the disadvantages of the action.
In the second dilemma. Susan is faced with the possibility of family conflict due to exposure of her brother-in-law`s secret. According to the Wall street Journal model, the best decision would have been to expose the secret. However, according to the Laura Nash and perspective model, the decision would be not to expose this secret.
In the third scenario of the dilemma, Susan is faced with the dilemma of how best to perform her duty. According to the Wall Street Journal model, the best decision would be to expose the decision, since she has a legal duty to perform her duties to the best interest of the government and not her brother-in-law. On the other hand, according to Laura Nash and Perspective model the decision would be to state Custom`s case to the commission since the model advocates for what is truly

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