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Sample Outline
Hook (1 sentence) The Crown had big developments made throughout the years of Colonisation to facilitate the white population, and this caused problems for the natives.
Road Map (3-5 sentences) The economic changes, like the taxes and the introduction of mining, put the natives in a difficult position. Political acts taken upon the country, for example the reforms and the ruling of the viceroyalties, were extensively focused on the well-being of the Spanish and the government. And the social differences, hegemonic control and the racial hierarchy, highlighted the hefty differences made between the upper and lower class.
Thesis (1-2 sentences): The King created economic, political and social features in Latin America in order to maintain European power.
Body Paragraph 1 (First point from thesis)
A) Topic Sentence: There were numerous economic measures intended to increase royal control of the colonies.
B) Example 1: Royal Fifth
A. Explanation: The Royal Fifth was a priority of the Spanish Crown which shaped economic
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Explanation: The caste system was putting people in fixed ranked categories corresponding to their race, clothing, education, gender, birthplace and wealth. However since there was a lot of racial mixing happening, varying from intermarriage to consensual partnerships, there always were categories being created. The Whites, or full Spanish, which included the peninsulares and creoles, were at the top of the list, then came the Mulattoes and Mestizos, since they were half-Spanish, and finally the Indios, Negros and slaves were placed at the very bottom of the list, due to their small importance in the class system. Many people in the lower part of the list resisted from these categories by buying whiteness, putting white face powder on and changing their clothing, all done to seem more white-looking. Surely, this organisation was not a problem to the Europeans because they were at the top and had the most

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