What Is Engineering In The Ancient World

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Engineering Marvels of the Ancient World
Humans have always advanced technologically, since the beginnings of their existence. They have adapted over time to different types of obstacles, and advanced society in progressive ways to overcome those obstacles. Through building several types of institutions, several human civilizations have had their own types of engineering skills. Various palaces and monuments built throughout time have had their own unique types of architecture, through certain engineering skills of several societies. One of the most unique and advanced technological infrastructures in the ancient world were developed by the Romans, with their architecture having a presence throughout most of the Mediterranean region. The Romans had created unique bridges, aqueducts, cathedrals, as well as other important civil architectures. Greek architecture and inventions continued to influence Roman society, as well. Many people needed drinking water for personal use, and to solve this problem the Romans invented aqueducts. These man-made channels were the Roman Empire’s way of bringing water to several cities and
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Other people might look at the benefits that the conquests had resulted in. When studying the Spanish explorations in the Americas it is important to note that this subject has so many points of views. Many Mexicans view the colorizations of their lands as a catastrophe, however, several historians have analyzed this point in history as a Western enlightenment. Overall, this period in history could be looked in both points of views, while both viewpoints have their reasoning. It is up to the historian or reader to use their critical thinking skills to analyze this history. Finally, this particular example, shows that history is both a learning and interactive tool towards better understanding the world we live

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