Essay about Lasting Effects Of World War I

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The proposed research will look at the lasting impact of World War I on the contemporary world as it led to changes in the status of the state, society, and the individual. This calamity toppled empires, created new nations, and sparked revolutions, while post-war instabilities gave rise to global depression, a second world war, and the Cold War. When an era that began with the Great War and concluded with the fall of Communism came to end, other ethnic, cultural, and religious problems, so similar to those that plagued the world in 1914, have emerged. The project will argue that our own understanding of ourselves in the world has been markedly shaped by the experience of World War I and the totality it revealed.

The already strong tensions produced by the Great War expanded in the immediate post-war period at the very moment when the statesmen were gathering together at the Paris Peace Conference to negotiate the cessation of hostilities. The aftermath of the war created vast movements of populations, harried by civil war, hunger or religious persecution. Revolutionary fever spread across Central Europe, stirring counter-revolutionary movements of equal violence. Armies and combat tactics that had been tested on the battlefields were transferred to the context of domestic warfare and used against civilians. The aftermath of the war marked the end of monarchy on the continent and of European colonialism in other parts of the world. In the ruins of four empires…

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