Lasting Effects Of Juvenile Delinquency

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In the United States we have a very diverse culture, each day a child is exposed to a different environment. The environment that we are raised in not only plays into perspective to how see life but also its our culture. In some communities joining a gang has become a norm to be apart in, and not being a in a gang is frown upon for example in 2004 you could not walk the streets of Highland Park with out being asked who are you associated with. In a community where death rates have been at an all time high and the streets were filled with graffiti and the victim’s blood from the pervious night drive by. So the question rises why would a child want to initiate himself into a gang whose survival rate doesn’t grantee reaching the age of twenty-seven. …show more content…
So what has been in the past three years that have kept the delinquency at near the same rate? There has been a three strike regulation implicated, community service hours have increased and youth programs have gotten volunteers that help the children even outside of the program hours. “Although such rigorous designs, along with long-term follow-up, are required to assess accurately the lasting effect of an intervention, they are far too expensive for most local agencies or even most state governments to conduct. Such evaluations are thus fairly rare and not always applied to the most promising programs. “(Greenwood) Though with all of the volunteers and regulations instituted to correct a child’s path most are not able to escape the horrid reality and get dragged back into the delinquency life. For example the movie The Blind Side is an example of how one child was able to become a pro football player, but only because he was given the opportunity but because he had gotten lucky and was raised by his foster mother that wanted the best for him. With out his foster mother and with her status in the community he wouldn’t have gotten the same opportunities, in contrast the movie also has a clip of the football players former friends that he had grown up the projects with. A friend that hadn’t been as lucky, he had the potential to be a professional athlete but had been dragged in to the gang life and had ended up being

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