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Last Night

The next day, I am almost afraid.
Love? It was more like dragonflies in the sun, 100 degrees at noon, the ends of their abdomens stuck together, I close my eyes when I remember. I hardly knew myself, like something twisting and twisting out of a chrysalis, enormous, without language, all head, all shut eyes, and the humming like madness, the way they writhe away, and do not leave, back, back, away, back. Did I know you? No kiss, no tenderness–more like killing, death-grip holding to life, genitals like violent hands clasped tight barely moving, more like being closed in a great jaw and eaten, and the screaming
I groan to remember it, and when we started to die, then I refuse to remember, the way
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intertwined. So much so, that she fell asleep with their bodies pressed against each other.

“that was love, and we woke in the morning” That was her realization, that all of this craziness was actually the moment they felt love.

“clasped, fragrant, buoyant, that was” so much so was their love intertwined, that they awoke together, in the same position, smelling of sex/love and full of optimism (buoyant).

“the morning after love.” This is her final synopsis, the morning after all this crazy rough sex, after the love was found.

This poem is basically about sex, we can tell from the words and metaphors the author chose and the way she describes it. What I’m trying to get is the relationship between the subjects, as the author mentioned love and contradicts this by mentioning “no kiss, no tenderness”. My guessing is that this might be either a one night stand or just a story of two people who found love surprisingly through having sex. Of course there might be the possibility that the author just loves sex so much that she describes it in an artistic way. However, there are lots of details of emotion, the moment between a one night stand and a passionate night of making love are rather similar. Nevertheless, I don't feel that a night of pleasure is filled with what came afterwards. One of the possibilities is this can be a crazy one night stand where love was found instantly. Or it is (more

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