`` Lascivious Bodies : A Sexual History Of The Eighteenth Century

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History is a field renowned for dullness, however, Julie Peakman brings history to life in her book “Lascivious Bodies: A Sexual History of the Eighteenth Century.” No page is left untouched by the nearly comical records of sexual practices and interactions. This is without a doubt the most interesting book on any area of history I have had the pleasure of reading. While remaining humorous, Peakman touches on all aspects of sex, sexuality, and perspectives on sex for the extended eighteenth century. Anyone who would like to learn the history of sex should read Peakman’s work with the understanding that London was the sex capitol of the world which attracted people from all regions, meaning that the points made in this book are not exclusive to British culture. Peakman states that this book is an exploration of the sexual explorations from 1680-1830 in England and therefore does not really have a point to prove, but rather a tale to tell. However, I believe she is trying to argue that there was a vast range in sexual appetite and opinion due to increasing globalization which would have allowed perception and preference to change fluidly with time as people lost their fears of the unknown. The first half of the book discusses what would be considered normal heterosexual practices, mostly marital and prostitution norms. What was considered normal was in itself wide ranged, including a very vivid description of how utterly ubiquitous sex was in London, from sex in the bushes…

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