Analysis Of The Awakening By Kate Chopin

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The Awakening Feminism or Love
In the book The Awakening written by Kate Chopin there is a lot of references to the book being about feminism and how the treatment of woman and image of them is wrong. The feminism in the book includes independence of women and how they are treated and what the typical women should be. The main character of the book, Edna was a very dynamic character by completely changing from the beginning to the end of the book. The author was also a lot like
Enda and was always showing feminist qualities. There was also Edna’s best friend Adele, who is the mother to her children, but a woman to her spouse. All of theses things lead to the book being focused around feminism. The main point was to increase the awareness of how women
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Edna did not care what the others thought of her and what she was doing. Edna is very focused on doing what she wanted to and, discovering who she is as a person.
The author of the book is Kate Chopin she grew up in the late eighteen hundreds. In this time the book was not very popular due to the feminism in it. Kate Chopin is a lot like Edna in a way because they were both not the typical wife. Chopin would question the Catholicism which said men were dominant. She moved around a lot she meet her husband in St.Louis and married him and still continued to live an independent lifestyle. Chopin, before she meets her husband meet a woman who is a German singer and actress and, she is impressed with that she is not married and kept her individuality. While still married to Oscar Chopin, Kate Chopin would still do things like walk alone in town without her husband and she continued her arts. Kate Chopin is becoming an independent woman just like Edna is trying to be in The Awakening.(“Kate
Adele was a perfect mother but a woman to her husband. This statement is saying that she is very good to her children, but is not so obedient to her husband. “embodiment of

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