Poem Review: 'Language Of Desire' By Felicity Keith

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Review: Language of Desire

Language of Desire is an e-course developed by Felicity Keith. It is not written in the soft, flowery manner you would expect of a woman-to-woman guide. Instead, Felicity dared to write in straight-talk, which is typically associated with men.

Nevertheless, by injecting humor and real life vignettes, it 's a fun read. But, if erotica or profanity disturbs you, Language of Desire may not be your program.

UNLESS – you can find the courage to hitch up your big girl panties and metamorphose into a Sex Goddess.

It may be a stretch to put your trust in a woman you don 't know and probably will never meet. Know this – Felicity does not ask you to do anything she has not already tried and proven effective.

Felicity 's Promises:

By the time you get to the end and put these
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Each time he sees you with the object or doing the action, he will react to the trigger with a "Pavlov erection".

In the section "Sexual Singularity", Felicity delivers on her promise – to teach you the one phrase every man yearns to hear. When you find out what it is, you 'll wonder why in the heck you never thought of it.

Module V – Erotic Action Movie Technique

It would be a spoiler of the most devastating kind to elaborate.

Module VI – Desire Intensifiers

"Crank up the Heat", by employing sexual tension. You 'll learn to titillate your guy with word-foreplay until you connect again. Obviously, we aren 't talking migraine type tension. You 'll give him an adrenaline jolt to amplify the passion and fun in your relationship.

You 'll learn when and how to initiate "The Tease Intensifier". This is vital if you want your guy to believe he just can 't get enough of you. It 's a little known part of the "go-away, come-closer" dance that all couples do. By using tease intensifiers – you are in control; you exacerbate his sexual frustration; you keep him coming back for

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