Language As A Language: The Negative Impacts Of Language

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Language has always been something in the back of my mind. You never think to in depth about language, but you do think about what to say and when all the time. Language is so important because you use it everyday. I always thought that my language was average, but if im around people who have a broader vocabulary, it makes me feel like my language is horrible.
When i start thinking about a memorable time that involved language, right away I think about my eigth grade English class, it was by far my most favorable. I remember that year was mainly focused on poems (which is one of my least favorite things in english), short stories, other articles, and just improving reading skills for your grade level. We did so many fun projects that made
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People can miscommunicate, and take these the wrong way. Its easy to miscommunicate, words make sense in your head, but not to the other person sometimes. Same with sarcasm, sometimes its really easy to tell if someone is being sarcastic, other times you swear they were telling the truth. The way people talk expresses who you are and the way individuals look at you. Everyone learns to talk and expand their language everyday, it’s something people will never stop doing. From when people are born, language is immediatly connected to their lives. The way familes talk really effect their childs language skills, kids take after how language is in their families. Having language and literacy skills help you be more social and be taken seriously if you have a broad vocabulary. Truthfully, having good language opens alot of doors, even though you dont automatically think it will. Good language skills will have people take you seriously more often, especially with employers. A lot of job employers look at the way they communicate as a major role in the hiring process. Good language can even help in school, communicating with teachers, writing essays, everything! All in all sometimes people over look how language takes a tole in a person’s life, but its something that people should think about more often, and try to work more at it. Its never too late to improve language

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