Language And The Film Quinceanera Essay

791 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 4 Pages
We use language to communicate and express our feelings daily. Through four stories of Baca, Rodriguez, Isabel, and the film Quinceanera have shown us that language impacts a significant meaning in our life. Each story has its own way to prove how gender language can affect in life. Trying to adapt to a new language is very hard but immigrants in four stories not only use second language to communicate but also to show their feelings. Seeing that there are some common between the story of Baca and Isabel, and the story of Rodriguez and the film Quinceanera. I my opinion, I want to know what is the common problem between the story of Baca and Isabel? How can the actor of Rodriguez and the film Quinceanrea deal with their father? In the story A Place to Stand, author Jimmy Santiago Baca is a Hispanic and he also speaks Spanish. His father is an alcoholic, he always get drunk and threaten to beat his mom up (Baca 2). In Baca’s father life, he never wants to share about his history to Baca. Maybe because he never had a beautiful history to share with his son, or he is too selfish to let others know about him. But in my opinion, sharing is needed in family, knowing that sharing is a responsibility for each member. When Baca’s father sees his son in jail, he clearly hurt because his son was there. He does not want his son to see him like that. He feels embarrassed. Even if he is bad, but let his son seeing him in that situation is out of his control, he cannot do anything.…

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