Language And Its Impact On The English Language Essays

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Writing is a mastery of words, admittedly I speak them fluently but have I mastered the art of language is a question I ask myself every time I sit down to write a paper. The words “They can text but they can’t write” are actively uttered in academic settings today. At that definite moment I feel both humiliated and apologetic. Language is an essential part of the human nature but is adopted differently among various groups and Hip Hop has enormously impacted the english language.

Lifestyle influences language and I can make this claim referring to my own experience. Hip Hop was a genre of music which has now become a lifestyle of many cultures. It has not only influenced my language but me as an individual in the society. The words that roll of my tongue unconsciously, are indeed louder than my vocals because every single word is spelling out who I am, where I come from and how educated I am. If I take this in consideration every time I speak, I am assured I would be known differently. My incomplete sentences and a shortened form of words is all it takes to create a difference between formal and informal english. I might think that I am a english speaking candidate who is qualified to teach the language to someone else. However, if my proficiency of the english language was tested, it is likely the person hiring would have second thoughts.
Creativity directed me to different paths and convinced me to try different things, which were not always successful in fact during…

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