Language And Cultural Values : The World Essay

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By taking this course “women write the world”, I have more a few reflections to offer in terms of the meaning of writing the world from the points of view of women, the three out of five influential and powerful novels introduced through the course and also my favorite book and character.
First of all, writing about the world where we, as human beings, are the central power or creating the whole new world using our imagination, feelings, and thoughts, is actually a method to truthfully demonstrate the brutal and cruel reality of society, underlining the ugly facts about the systems of power we are living in nowadays. Anyone can have the complete freedom and control in the composing world. Thus, the most genuine truth can be revealed and spread throughout the world with no limitations of language and cultural values. Learning different perceptions of the world can literally open our minds to either accept or deny the key points that the author wants to make. No matter what the outcome is after the reading, there will definitely be some people having the same opinion, treatment or experience. It is because of the unjust society, which, somehow, is difficult to be corrected from the intrinsic problems of it, in every part of the world. Women, especially, are subjected to be bullied and to be oppressed under the systems of power. Their world can totally be viewed differently from what it is supposed to be like. Thus, they want to write their own world to remind the rest of the…

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