Essay on Lady Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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Are there actions which men are capable of doing and woman are truly incapable of doing? In the society in which Shakespeare, himself, lived, in Medieval England, in which the characters in Macbeth lived, and even in our own society in America today, there are numerous ideas about what people should or should not do based off of their gender. For example, women have been and often are still expected to do “ladylike” things, such as cooking or taking care of children, whereas men are expected to do more “manly” things, such as working or fighting. These gender roles are shown throughout Shakespeare’s Macbeth through the character Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth performs countless actions that go against the gender roles in her that her society has imposed on her from birth. Although she does this, she does it in a way that still demonstrates that these ideas of what women should or should not do still subconsciously influence her. Lady Macbeth shows that, although she is aware of the gender roles that her society enforces, these gender roles are still deeply ingrained in her own beliefs and largely maintain control over her actions. In Medieval England, ingraining this ideology into everyone’s minds was pivotal to keeping women subservient to men. Lady Macbeth displays her clear understanding of the gender roles that society has placed upon her and attempts to break out of them with her plan to murder Duncan. Immediately after hearing that Duncan has been named the…

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