Lack Of Funding For A Small Brooklyn School System Essay

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AltSchool, seems like the utopia of education with no standardized testing, little homework, curriculum picked by the students, and small class sizes allowing for personal attention from teachers. However, with current systems for education in the United States, it is impossible for the model to be implement on a large scale. While the school says that economic background is of no matter but rather merit is the determining factor for their students, with scholarships available to students, it does not take into account educational disparities that occur in public school systems. Factors such as lack of funding, large populations, standardized education requirements, and tracking make it nearly impossible for those of low-income to have a chance to benefit from this type of program.
In The Bold Idea Behind a Small Brooklyn School, Bellafante says that the level of attention needed from teachers at the AltSchool “makes it challenging to imagine the model taking hold across large urban public school systems” (Bellafante, 2015). Most urban schools are underfunded, understaffed and working with outdated material. East St. Louis in Savage Inequalities, while an extreme example, gives the reader a peak into the daily routine of a poor urban school. Kozol, reports that they cannot keep full time staff, and have books so old that they had very little relevant content with some dating to the late 1960’s (1991). The school does not even have working facilities. Contrasting this…

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