Laci Peterson Essay

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Scott Lee Peterson was born on October 24, 1972 in San Diego, California. The only child of Lee and Jackie Peterson, Scott grew up in a San Diego suburb and was a model student. He graduated from the University Of San Diego High School and spent a semester at Arizona State University before returning home to attend Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo. In 1994, he transferred to nearby California Polytechnic State University, where he majored in agricultural business. While a student at Cal Poly, Peterson met Laci Rocha. ( Laci Denise Rocha was born on Sunday, May 04, 1975 in Modesto and she was a famous victim from United States. Laci Peterson had studied at Downey High School, Modesto, CA and then she attended the BA …show more content…
Scott Peterson met with investigators and was questioned further about her disappearance. A police tip line received over 1,600 calls on the case. According to court transcripts, Scott Peterson's online history shows that in December he shopped for and bought a boat and studied the currents in San Francisco Bay. He browsed a U.S. Geological Survey chart of water currents, and seems to have focused his attention on Brooks Island, where he would later claim he went fishing on December 23. (Tru TV) Reports state that on Christmas Eve night, Investigator Bronchini tried to search Scott's storage unit, but was stalled after Scott told him the power was out. At trial, Bronchini testified that he found Scott Peterson's nonchalance suspicious. Peterson, he said, “was a strange combination of polite and arrogant, disaffectedly distant and impatiently irritable”. He just didn't seem like a man who was crushed or even greatly disturbed by his wife's disappearance and possible death. (Tru TV) About one month prior to Laci’s disappearance, Amber Frey met Scott through a mutual friend, Shawn Sibley. Sibley stated that he told her he was single and wanted to meet someone to have a long-term relationship with. Sibley told Amber about Scott and she agreed to let Sibley give him her phone number. Scott contacted Amber in early November and they made a date to meet on Nov. 20, 2002. On their first date, Amber met Scott

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