Lab Report On The Chemistry Experiment Essay

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Introduction: In this lab, I determined what type of reactions could be performed based off of experiments. Six experiments were chosen out of twelve. These six experiments were chosen based off of what Green Chemistry Principle(s) they followed. The purpose of this lab was to perform each experiment correctly and according to the Green Chemistry Principles. There were four parts to this lab. The first part was to familiarize myself with the Bunsen Burner by sketching it out in my laboratory notebook. The next part was to look through Table 4.1 in the laboratory notebook to determine which experiments I was to perform. The last two parts included performing the reactions and writing the ionic and net ionic equations. Writing out the equations helps us mathematically see what is happing during the reaction besides performing and watching it occur. Being able to identify the limiting reagent, products produce, and solve for molarity is key to chemical analysis. Performing the experiment is just half of the equation in chemical analysis. This lab did not have many safety precautions except there was an open flame and many chemicals circulating the lab. It was my job to properly dispose and handle the chemicals. Also to tie my hair back and ensure the flame was properly handled.

Data and Observations: A1 B2 C1 D1 E1 F2
Green Chemistry Principles Exp. A2 produces toxic gas w/ the reaction

Principles #1, #3, #12 Principles #1, #3 Mg can combust

Principles #3, #12…

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