Lab Report Analysis Essay

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TO: Emma Mackenzie, Writing Instructor; Montana Tech
FROM: Sarah Hambidge, Montana Tech Student
DATE: 6 November 2012
SUBJECT: Lab Report Analysis

This memo proposes the observations and claims I collected from reviewing three different lab reports. Three fields of study are composed within this memo that includes Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering. “Electrical Filters,” (Electrical), written by Joe Schmoe, is a lab report made by a student at a university. The College Board produced an environmental lab report named, “Monitoring Air Quality,” (Air), for the purpose of student education as a lab template. Monitoring Air Quality was written by Dr.
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This lab is farthest from following the standard lab report format. The NETL Drilling Lab was written by the government so they may follow a stricter lab format than they teach in schools. They might make up their own order of headings and paragraphs because they are on top of the chain. * Font choice
The NETL lab Report uses ten point font in Times New Roman. The Electrical Engineering lab Report uses Times New Roman as well but its double spaced and typed in twelve point font. The environmental lab uses Calibri with twelve point font and multiple spaces between every paragraph. The NETL lab is the most professional looking lab because it looks formal and fits more information within a page than the other labs. A reader could get the most information out of the NETL lab because it is constructed elaborately but also concisely. * Overall tone
The NETL lab has by far, most formal tone of voice. The lab created by the College Board is built for mainly educational purposes; therefore it uses a smaller vocabulary for easier understanding. The Electrical lab report was made by students so it’s not that complex. The NETL lab is professional because it is a work of the government. This lab uses many big words, acronyms, references within text, and many numerical conversions. The lab written by students has the least informal tone, most likely because they are least educated. Reading the Electrical Filters Lab could leave a

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