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The objective of this experiment is to identify an unknown chemical by comparing its melting point with a known solid in table 1. Melting point is one of the characteristics of a chemical compound because it is dependent on the electro negativity and size of the compound. The compounds compared in the labs will be compared to chemical F. The known substances are: Benzil, p-t Butylphenol, Oxalic Acid, Thioacetamide, Acetanilide, Mandelic Acid, Benzoic Acid, Stilibene, Cholesterol, p-Hydroxypropiophenone, Adipic Acid, Citric Acid. In the experiment capillary tubes will be used to take up the unknown grinded solids in and be compared the mixture of the unknown and the known. When the chemical that is found to have a
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In an impure compound, the liquid and solid melting point will be over a considerably wider range of temperature. An initial softening and shrinking of the mixtures is a usual characteristic of melting. The lowest temperature at which liquid is visible in the capillary is defined as the lower bound of the melting range. The upper temperature is the temperature at which the compound is melts to a liquid. Record the melting point range.


After following procedures and comparing chemicals it was concluded that the chemical “F” was Stilbene. When Chemical F was compared to Mandelic it turned out that the Mandelic melted at a temperature range of 117-120 degrees Celsius. However, both Stilibene and Chemical F melted at around 122-125 degrees Celsius.


One of the shared properties of a chemical is melting point. Melting point is based on the chemicals electro negativity, structure, and shape. In the experiment the melting point of Chemical F was from 122-125 degrees C. The chemical melting point for the Stilibene mixture with Chemical F was at 122-125 degrees C, and the mixture with Mandelic was 117-120 degrees C. The fact that the mixture with Mandelic changed its melting point compared to the value indicated in Table 1 page 27 means that the chemicals were different. The fact that melting point didn’t really change in Stilbene meant that the chemicals were of the same composition. Therefore, Chemical F is

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