La Perla Essay

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 History of La Perla
 Emilia-Romagna Region (Bologna-Modena-Regio Emilia) Major Exports
 Building and Reinforcing the ID
 La Perla in Bologna
 Value Chain La Perla
 La Perla Analysis
 Suppliers
 Buyers
 Customers
• Evolution of Customers and Trends
• Customer Target per Region
 SWOT analysis of La Perla
 SWOT analysis of BREM
 La Perla and Economic Environment
 Competition
 New Media and Technology
 Drivers in of Change in the Fashion Industry
 Ageing and Economic Climate in Italy
 Recommendations
 Conclusions
 Bibliography

History of La Perla The company was founded in 1954 by Ada Masotti in a small confection lab named L’Ape. The name is
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• Arpels investion in Redwall Italia Rossi 1924 S.p.A.

Figure 2. Bologna, Regio-Emilia, Modena (BREM) in Emilia-Romagna Region BREM has a significant role in Emilia-Romagna, in this sense the region has 13,000 companies, most of them small and medium size. Around 8,000 of them are focus in manufacturing, 4,000 in whole trade and 1,000 in design. The region employs more than 60,000 persons. As seen in the map, most of them are located in the BREM area (Carpi also shows a strong presence of companies). There are 4 major sectors in the region, Textile and clothing representing 60% of the companies; Footwear with a 6%; Fashion accessories with a 23% and Cross sectors with an 11%. The export vocation is highly develop with a 10% of national export of Fashion performed by Emilia-Romagna. Moreover, the sector of Textile and Clothing represents 14% of the national exports.
Reinforcing the ID
The BREM region reinforces its Industrial District with the support of major fairs across cities that allow producers and customers to experience and inform about new trends and future concepts. We can mention a few such as: Linapelle (BO), Fashion Shoe (BO), Intimare (BO), Fashion Up (MO), Profashion (MO) and Exit (BO).
The large presence of Universities and Institutes that provides fashion related courses and workshops is another way to reinforce the ID network. Some examples of Universities would be:
• Course in Fashion Culture and Techniques;

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