La Perla Porter 5 Forces Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… In this sense, they try to hold much of the visibility and responsibility to themselves when selling to DOS as they always selling on Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF) making La Perla Headquarters the decision point on Freight Forwarder, Insurance company and sometimes main carrier. On contrary to this, when selling to department stores it always sells on Free on Board (FOB) terms giving the buyer responsibility and the freedom to choose their freight forwarder, insurance company and/or carrier.

Figure 4. Porter 5 Forces

In the past La Perla built its image by using only domestic and “Bolognese” suppliers with
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However this strategy puts the company on a double competition game. La Perla’s strong segment is the high end, but it is not alone. British company Agent Provocateur, founded in 1994 is closely following La Perla’s example, providing high end, unique, fashion lingerie. With 30 stores in 13 countries, Agent Provocateur holds a key role in the upper segment of the market, strongly reinforced by its advertisement techniques; celebrities such as the singer Kylie Minogue, celebrity Carmen Electra, as well as supermodel Kate Moss have collaborated with the British brand strengthening its commercial appeal. Another brand, French company Chantal Thomass, has built a reputation of offering tantalizing, radical and sexy lingerie. Chantal Thomass has a global appearance, targeting young upper class women that appreciate fine, cutting edge design. It’s distinctive approach in crafting lingerie and after claiming the commercial use of its name in late 1998, the French company has gained great market share of this profitable

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